About The Author


Navy veteran and Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling thriller author Jeffrey Wilson is a vascular surgeon who was completing his training when terrorists attacked America on 9/11. Already having served, Jeff immediately rejoined the active duty Navy and served as a combat surgeon with the Marines and then with an East Coast–based SEAL team and a Joint Special Operations Task Force, making multiple deployments. His experiences there—seeing things that cannot be unseen—sent him on his own journey exploring, and at times questioning, his faith, and are the inspiration for this novel. Jeff has also worked as an actor, a firefighter, a paramedic, a jet pilot, and a diving instructor.

Together with fellow Navy veteran Brian Andrews, Jeff writes the Amazon #1 bestselling Tier One series of military thrillers and (under the pseudonym Alex Ryan) the Nick Foley thriller series. Jeff is also the author of three award-winning supernatural thrillers.

Jeff and his wife, Wendy, are Virginia natives who, with their four children, Ashley, Emma, Jack, and Connor, call southwest Florida home. When not writing his next novel, Jeff still practices medicine and leads the Men’s Military Ministry at his church, where Wendy leads the Beautiful Moms Ministry, Emma sings on the praise and worship team, Jack works on the AV team, and Connor has volunteered in the children’s ministry. Learn more at www.wartornnovel.com and www.andrews-wilson.com.



"War Torn might well be destined to be this generation's All Quiet on the Western Front or The Red Badge of Courage. Jeff Wilson has fashioned a bold and bracing tale that bristles both visually and viscerally with the uneasy juxtaposition between faith and duty. Emotionally riveting, War Torn is an angst-riddled tale of combat in which the greatest battle of all is a man at war with his own soul. Powerful, deeply moving, and every bit the equal of the best of Philip Caputo and Tim O'Brien."

--Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author

War Torn is an incredible read! An inspiration for War Fighters struggling to come home from the fight and an eye opener for those who want to better understand the devastating effects of War. Written like one of Wilson’s bestselling military thrillers, but with an important message buried inside. Well done Jeff!

-- Commander Mark McGinnis, U.S. Navy SEAL, Executive Director of the SEAL Legacy Foundation

Jeff Wilson has written a remarkable story about love, friendship and the unmitigated power of faith. If you’re a veteran questioning your faith, I want to encourage you to pick up War Torn. If you're the spouse of a veteran, and can relate in anyway to Rachel, I want to encourage you to pick up War Torn. And if you’re just a person with no ties to the military but you’re looking to be inspired and receive hope, I again encourage you to read this book. Whatever group you’re in you won’t regret the read.

-- Remi Adeleke, Author, Actor, Speaker and Former Navy SEAL

War Torn will rip your heart out! Like many combat veterans, Jake experiences the nightmares of combat: heavy gun fights, the death of close friends, and the possibility of killing innocents in the heat of battle. The overwhelming pain is far too common. How does one heal? How does one find hope through all the chaos? War Torn reveals God’s extraordinary message of hope and ultimately leads to perseverance. A must read!

--LtCOl F. Damon Friedman, USAF Special Operations;

President, SOFMissions

Executive Producer, Surrender Only To One